The Best Neighborhoods in Research Triangle Park

Research Triangle Park is quickly becoming the place to be for people who are looking for work in a community where they want to establish roots. With hundreds of businesses flocking to Research Triangle Park offering good-paying jobs, an established public transportation program, and excellent schools with other amenities for families, it’s no wonder that the communities around the Triangle are growing exponentially. If you’ve been looking for a community in RTP to call your won, you will find a number of excellent neighborhoods and towns to consider, but here are some of the best!

1. Cary
Cary regularly ranks as one of the top places to live in the Triangle, and for good reason. Beautiful tree-lined streets make you feel as if you’ve stepped into another time, and the population is heavily in favor of families with school-aged children. Cary is also within 20 minutes of many of the major metro areas of the Triangle, so your commute into work is rarely going to be a challenge.

2. Morrisville
Morrisville makes the list because of the varied housing options it offers and exceptional location. It’s earned the nickname of the “heart of the triangle” due to its location in the center of it all. It’s also a place where neighbors know one another well, and wave to friends whenever they drive by. The average home price is right around $260,000, which means affordable real estate is possible here, and apartment dwellers will find a number of attractive apartment communities as well. Add to this exceptional schools and you have a nearly perfect place to call home.

3. Apex
Apex makes the list because it’s known for its low crime rates. In fact, it’s one of the safest places to live in The Triangle as well as the rest of the Raleigh metro region, and as such it is seeing a steady growth in population in recent years. The community has a high population of married people and people with families, so it’s a place where folks can set down roots and raise their kids. To round out the benefits of life in Apex, the community has a number of charming older buildings with unique architecture to enjoy.

4. Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill has some of the top schools in the Triangle region. Not only do the schools perform well, but they’re also some of the best funded schools in the region. Kids get a lot of one-on-one attention from their teachers in Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill is also known for its low unemployment rates, which is not surprising with the large number of employers nearby. Because of the vast amount of educational facilities in the area, there is also an above average amount of short term lease apartments and housing available to students.

5. Wake Forest
The one drawback to life in the Triangle could be the lack of natural areas in this urban center, but Wake Forest makes up for this. It’s home to Falls Lake State Park, which has 26,000 acres of woodlands as well as the expansive Falls Lake. This provides ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, and the community has many indoor adventures as well. Wake Forest is also close to the rest of the Triangle, so enjoying the urban center is not hard.

As you can see, the Triangle is home to a diverse mix of neighborhoods, all of which offer their own unique benefits. Yet you won’t go wrong with any of these five, all of which offer excellent benefits to those making the move to the Triangle.

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