Top Places for Brunch in Durham, NC

In many ways, brunch is the perfect meal. Breakfast lovers can dine on eggs and bacon, while those who have a hankering for a sandwich can get that as well. If you live in a home or apartment in Durham, you’ll find that the community has quite a large number of brunch restaurants for your consideration. Here are some of the best!

1) Elmo’s Diner
If you want home-cooked, you want Elmo’s. Food here is served in typical diner fashion, but you can get breakfast all day. So, any time of the day can be brunch. The food here is southern inspired, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly the waiters get to know your favorite order once you become a regular.

2) Dame’s Chicken & Waffles
Chicken and waffles is a go-to southern brunch faire, and Dame’s is one of the top places to get it, but that’s not the only brunch food you can get here. The Breakfast Buttercup, which features eggs and bacon sandwiched between two waffles, is another popular treat. Of course, you’ll want to taste their Almost World Famous Waffles, and the Shmear at Dame’s is definitely something you need to experience for brunch!

3) Foster’s Market
Foster’s Market is a casual atmosphere with a large selection of muffins, scones, sandwiches, smoothies, and salads. It’s a great option for a lighter brunch meal, and this is a Durham classic that you really need to experience. It opens daily at 7:30, so brunch can be as early as you want it to be!

4) Fairview Dining Room
Located at the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club, the Fairview Dining Room is an upscale place for brunch. In fact, this restaurant is so upscale that brunch is a three-course meal, and you’ll want to leave the jeans behind in favor of something a little more dressy. You have your choice of meals for your main course, but make sure you leave room for dessert which is to die for!

Yes, the brunch scene in Durham is excellent. The net time you’re looking to dine out around 11 on a weekend, pick one of these restaurants. You will not be disappointed!

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