Durham Restaurants and ShiftZen Software Team Up

Restaurants and software companies owe it to their communities to give back and support and build upon the infrastructures that they benefit from. This has been a founding principle at shiftzen.com in Durham, North Carolina, a software app startup company that makes scheduling software for restaurants and other industries.

Shiftzen started out as an in-house idea in one restaurant that needed a simple solution to their employee scheduling problems. Of course, they ended up fixing a lot of other problems along the way, like daily reporting, making shift planning more efficient, increasing staff communication, and getting their entire scheduling system online and into the web so employees could access the information at all times.

restaurant scheduling software shiftzen online staff

Isn’t it so often, fixing one problem in our communities fixes many others while we’re at it? When companies and those with means in our society look at problems this way, we’re much more likely to see the value in giving back and supporting all aspects of our communities, because it really all comes back to us in the end.

Shiftzen works this way and it’s one reason they’ve had so many restaurants switch over to their scheduling software, and why they’ve been so successful, proving a cheap, needed service for any local mom and pop or indie restaurant.

In fact, they’ve worked with Cocoa Cinnamon, Tyler’s Taproom and Ed Mitchell’s Q all in Durham and downtown. Check out their video below on YouTube or click over to their website as well.

More info
Shiftzen is an online scheduling and employee management system that works with restaurants and other companies to schedule their staff online, giving managers full daily reporting, control over time off requests, scheduling, shift planning, shift pick ups, shift trades and employee communication. Administrators can create custom schedules from templates, and make different positions and shift times for all types of employees and staff. The company also offers a free trial and no credit card sign up.

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