Our Favorite Breweries in Chapel Hill

Whether you’re a sucker for stouts, crazy about pale ales, or searching for a strong, smooth porter, the Chapel Hill area has a great brewery to satisfy your craft beer craving. Orange County has long-standing, popular breweries with great food, excellent brews, and welcoming atmospheres.

In Chapel Hill and across the country, the craft beer scene is expanding rapidly with new, exciting spots opening up every year. We’ve scoured the area and volunteered our bodies for science, taste testing the best beers local breweries have to offer.

1. Fullsteam Brewery
Fullsteam is our favorite. It is in a great location, giving you an excellent feel for the downtown area. The staff is friendly and the food is high-quality, but their beer is where the magic is. They have a wide variety of IPAs, NEIPAs, coffee porters, classics, seasonals and wild beers. Our favorite was the Rocket Science IPA, which was hoppy and smooth. Their lineup was by far the best we encountered with the most selection.

2. Top Of The Hill Restaurant and Brewery
Located within the UNC area, this brewery has been in the Chapel Hill beer scene for over 20 years, and their experience shows. They have craft-distilled vodka, whiskey, rum, as well as a great craft beer brew works. The blueberry wheat beer is a fan-favorite, and we agreed that the hint of berry and refreshing, smooth ale flavor was a winner.

3. Ponysaurus Brewing Company
This brewery is a great representation of Durham’s excellent vibe. It is a favorite for families and those with dogs, and it was one of our favorites, too. Ponysaurus has a comfortable outdoor space and a great balance of unique beers. The food menu is always changing, and there is usually a food truck as well. Each beer had a unique flavor, and our favorite, the summer IPA was a great reprieve from the heat.

4. Steel String Brewery
Steel String has a great mix of students studying, patrons indulging in beer flights, and contemplative beer-sippers out on the patio. While the space isn’t large, the beer flavors are. They have one of the best sour beers one can find in Chapel Hill, and their Big Mon IPA brings people from all over Orange County.

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