Future Plans and Current Priorities

To do list:

  • I’d like to try to publicize this project in order to increase exposure to the most important demographic: Durhamites that are not yet connected via listservs electronic mailing lists. I’ll probably reach out to Bull City Rising (Done), The Independant Weekly, and The Durham News (Done) first. I would love to hear your ideas about how to get the word out.
  • A custom header would be nice. Done.
  • Address general ease-of-use issues. One example: a concise explanation of how to use the map needs to penned and placed in a prominent location, like directly under the map on the main page. Done.
  • I’d like to draw the neighborhoods that don’t yet have listservs electronic mailing lists (but probably should) to make it easier for someone to create it.
  • Create color-coded clickable links for each Partners Against Crime district just below the list of neighborhoods.
  • Broad neighborhood listserv electronic mailing list enrollment mixed with communication between neighborhoods may correlate with reduced crime. I’d like to study that using my map and publicly available crime data.
  • Something that would be really cool would be some way to dynamically/automatically obtain listserv electronic mailing list enrollment data so that I could relay that information here. That feature would be difficult and tedious to implement manually. Done.
  • In each neighborhood, I’d like to list links to blogs whose authors live within that neighborhood.
  • Desperately need a contact form. Done.
  • I got a savvy suggestion from the Splat Space listserv mailing list: offer advertising space to local realtors. Interested at the prospect.

For now, the number one priority is to complete the list of neighborhood pages available. I’m up to five or six, with ~60-70 more to go. oof.

What else could this website use?

Update: I accomplished the task of dynamically updating membership numbers for most listservs electronic mailing lists. Surprisingly, most of the issues come from the Google hosted listservs electronic mailing lists. Yet another reason to use Yahoo groups instead (and this is coming from a Google fanboy).

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2 Responses to Future Plans and Current Priorities

  1. Fantastic site! We live in Penrith and just had some new neighbors move in across the street. My response to seeing the moving truck was, “Oh, we should go say hi.” My partner said, “…and tell them about the neighborhood listserv!” It has meant a lot to us in terms of building relationships with people we don’t see often but are often nearby.

  2. admin says:

    McManlyPants, your comment made me smile big. Thanks.
    Robustfully yours,

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