Action Items

A little update, no big deal.

Recently, I gave a little talk to some friends, and I’ll do a little write-up about that within the week.

Most everything else has to do with me tidying up the website.

The site has been compromised by some malware script, and I’ve been trying to fix it for about a month. The issue is that every morning (between 1am and 5am), a key file named “.htaccess” gets deleted and, as a result, only the main page works until I replace the file. Visiting any other page within the site results in a 404 error. Not entirely sure what I’m doing here, but I’m trying to approach the problem scientifically by making iterative changes here and there, and hoping that one morning, the site will be fixed as a result of one of my changes. It’s kind of like Groundhog Day?
Update: I think I fixed the issue(s)

Dear readers, please understand that I’m an amateur at this internet website game. If you have expertise, I’ll gladly accept your advise so I can squash this pesky problem like so many of Hulk Hogan’s enemies.

You may notice that the big map on the front page has some neighborhood links beneath it on the right-hand side. This works great for the front page and terribly everywhere else. This looks ugly to me, so it’s a pretty high-priority issue.
Update: Fixed.

A fan of the site emailed last Fall and made a couple of great suggestions. One of her ideas isn’t really possible with Google Maps, but I plan on implementing the other idea:
Create a map and an alphabetized list for a.) zip codes and b.) PAC districts.
Update: Complete.

I need to take some time to assess whether the list of neighborhoods is still “valid”. New neighborhood mailing lists pop up all the time, while others fold. I found a few new neighborhoods with 20+ members the other day when doing a search within Yahoo Groups.

That’s all for now!
Please let me know if you’d like for me to add something to my to-do list!

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