5 Tips For Spotless Home Every Home Seller Needs To Know

When staging a house for selling, its appearance plays a key role in influencing the rate at which potential buyers make a decision. Nobody admires a smelly, ugly, stained house with items lying all over. This can be a total turn off to any would be buyer. Also, many buyers want a home that looks as if it is ready for occupation. They do not want to engage in a lot of restorative work or undue cleaning. Prepping your house for sale doesn’t have to be costly. On the contrary, you can apply the following 5 tips to create a pristine home that can attract even the perfectionist of a buyer.


  1. Cull the Clutter
  2. This is one way of freeing most of the space in your home so that prospective buyers can concentrate on the important details of the house. Free up the counters, shelves, drawers, and closets of the excess items. If you have many things occupying these areas, the buyer is only going to view these items and not what they are supposedly buying. Your personal belongings will act as distraction for would be buyer. You can sort the items and pack them in boxes, give out or ask a relative to keep them for you.

    You can also pack your personal belongings. When a prospective buyer is viewing a house, make them imagine their life in the new home. However, if you crowd the house with your personal items, it is hard for them to begin identifying with the new place.

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  3. Conduct a Thorough Cleaning
  4. Let a prospective buyer find your house spotless, just as it would look after detailed spring cleaning. Use the following ideas to tackle different areas.

    • Bathrooms: use baking soda to shine a grungy toilet bowl or bathtub. All you need is to sprinkle a generous amount of it on the tub or toilet bowl. Wait for about 20 minutes then scrub with a scourer or toilet brush. After you rinse, your bathtub or toilet bowl will sparkle just like it is new.
    • Grout: get rid of stubborn grime from grout lines by applying powder oxygen bleach and allowing it to sit for about 15 minutes. Then, use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the surface and rinse with clean water.
    • Countertops: it is important to identify the right cleaning agent and method for the kind
      of material that makes your countertops. Some materials react to harsh cleaning methods and require to be dealt with gently. For instance, you cannot apply strong acidic cleaners on natural stone surfaces like those made of limestone as the acid will pit the stone.


  5. Tend the Backyard and compound
  6. This is a grand way of improving the aesthetic appeal of your home. In any case, buyers are sure to notice the compound before they tour the interiors of your house. In this case, spare some time to mow the lawn, prune the fences, and water any plants in the compound.


  7. Forget Not the House’s Exteriors
  8. Like the kempt compound, this also goes a long way in increasing your house’s curb appeal. Consider scrubbing the windows, pressure washing the cladding, cleaning the gutters and so forth. Also, consider pressure-washing the sidewalk and pavement. You can easily bring your windows to sparkle by spraying them with a homemade cleaning solution then wiping with an old newspaper. Make your solution by mixing 50% of distilled or white vinegar and 50% of clean water.


  9. Consider Pocket-friendly Improvements
  10. Some surfaces may not sparkle even after endless cleaning. This could be because they have outlived their useful time. Do not waste time scrubbing. Instead, think of some improvements you can make that won’t cost you a lot. For instance, you can hide ugly marks on the walls by applying a fresh paint or improve the appearance of your hardwood floor by refinishing. Other things you should consider are installation of a new front door, tile re-grouting, mulching, and so forth.


Beverly Jenkins is proud of her staff at The Tidy Maids house cleaning service in Raleigh, NC. She has 24 years of experience in house cleaning, customer service, and business operations. She knows all the tips and tricks and do-it-yourself hacks when it comes to cleaning and her clients’ homes are the best proof for that.

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