My Top 10 List of Triangle Walking Spots

The Triangle is a great place for young professionals and families. There are museums, good schools, nice houses; almost everything you could want. An attraction that I think many people are missing out on are the Triangle’s great walking spots. I have lived in the area for around 15 years and I wanted to share with you my list of great places for a walk or a hike. I would also encourage you to contribute your own in the comments and add to the list!

10) The Tobacco Trail
Long and flat, the Tobacco Trail offers easy walking and interesting views. The 22+ miles of trail can take you from Downtown Durham to quiet back-roads.

9) Lake Johnson
If you are looking to get in a hilly walk this is the place. You get gorgeous lake views, can go paddle boating, but beware the hills! The hills surrounding the lake can make for a tough walk.

8) UNC Campus
Soak in the history as you walk around the campus itself, or enjoy the many shops Franklin St. has to offer. The campus is a personal favorite due to the architecture which tends to be more diverse then State or Duke.

7) Dorthia Dix campus
Located off downtown Raleigh, Dix is an appealing destination for a walk or picnic. Boasting impressive skyline views and short trails, Dix is prime relaxation area for downtowners.

6) Yates Mill
The old gristmill sits in southwest Raleigh and offers wonderful trails of various lengths. The mill itself is a favorite for local wedding photographers.

5) Umstead Park
Umstead is massive and a hiker’s dream with unadulterated nature views. You can access it from points as varied as Glenwood Avenue and Harrison Avenue.

4) Duke Gardens
Beautiful year round, Duke Gardens is always bustling with life. A favorite spot for weddings, you can enjoy native plants and a stroll through ‘Japan’ all in about an hour.

3) NC State University
The campus grounds and Hillsborough st. make for a good walk of 2 or 3 miles. Personal favorite spots are the 1911 Building and clock tower.

2) Oakwood and Mordecai
Oakwood has become a more pleasant walk with each passing year. You can view 19th and early 20th century houses and also see the impressive cemetery. An absolute must for any history buff.

1) The North Carolina Museum of Art
The grounds are beautiful and diverse since the renovations. Also, there is a planned expansion that is already underway. You can also get in a good workout on the large hills leading to the Meredith campus.

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