Changes to the Map

Hi everyone!

Recently I got an email from Google letting me know that their “Classic Maps” platform will be going away.
Unfortunately, “Classic Maps” is what this website’s maps are built upon.
Their replacement Custom Map application is quite different than “Classic Maps” and won’t allow me to embed maps on this site.
For a while, I thought this would totally break the purpose of this site, but a few knowledgeable friends pointed me in the direction of a viable suite of replacement tools.

These tools are open-source, free, and (to my eye) more aesthetically pleasing.
Here’s a sample:

A map will appear here.

Feel free to monitor my progress as I transition the main map (and all neighborhood pages) over the next few weeks:

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2 Responses to Changes to the Map

  1. James says:

    This is a really nice page and it is great to see you’re using openstreetmap data. Your neighborhood boundary data would be a great addition to the Openstreetmap database. If you have the data unencumbered by any copyright restrictions it would be very easy to add it.

    • admin says:

      Hi James, thanks for the suggestion!
      Within the last few weeks, I posted my map on GitHub free for anyone to use. It’s in the .GeoJSON file format, so hopefully that will work. I’ll look into adding it to the OSM database.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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